Fallout Shelter Cheat Sheet

I’ve been playing a good bit of Fallout Shelter lately and from time-to-time I find myself hunting around for certain questions I have.  This game really could have benefited from some kind of built-in FAQ.  I have compiled some notes that I think will help some fellow Fallout Shelter players out there.

What is the max level a dweller can have in Fallout Shelter?

The max level a dweller can have is 50.  Each time your dweller levels up their health will also increase.

What is the max level for S.P.E.C.I.A.L?

Your dwellers in Fallout Shelter can train up to a max of level 10 by using the training rooms.  This does not mean it is their max, you can then use different clothing to boost these attributes past 10.

What are the max number of rooms I can place together?

You can place up to 3 rooms together.

What is the max level a room can have?

The max level a room in Fallout Shelter can upgrade to is 3.

Does luck affect item gathering while exploring in Fallout Shelter?

As far as I have been able to tell it does.  The higher your luck level the better the stuff you get while exploring the wasteland.

What use does each S.P.E.C.I.A.L. trait have in Fallout Shelter?

Strength – Vault:Decreases timer while in power plants. Wasteland: Helps with opening lockers and boxes, may increase damage done by guns.

Perception – Vault: Decreases timer while in water treatment and water purification rooms, increases hit chance in combat. Wasteland: Helps find more abandoned buildings

Endurance – Vault: Decreases timer while in Nuke-Cola room.  Increases health points and resistance to radiation/damage this applies to vault and wasteland.

Charisma – Vault: Decreases timer on reproduction and decreases timer in radio room. Wasteland: Chance of becoming friends with people in the wasteland, gives chance to interact with groups of slaves

Intelligence – Vault: Decreases timer for stims and radaway rooms. Wasteland: Helps the dweller help/heal people.

Agility – Decreases timer of food production such as the diner and garden room, increases attack speed.  Wasteland: Helps with running away from unwinnable fights so your dweller takes less damage.

Luck – Vault: Decreases change of rush failure, increases chance of getting caps when collecting resources from rooms. Wasteland: Increases chances of finding items in the wasteland.

I think for now this just about covers most of the questions I had when I first started playing Fallout Shelter.  I really hope this is of use to whoever is reading it!  See ya all out in the wasteland!