How to change the product key in Windows

Changing the product key in Windows is a very simple thing to do… but it’s not easy finding where/how to do it.

If you are looking to change or remove your product key you can do so by running the following command in either PowerShell or the command prompt.

slmgr -upk

That’s it… now to change the key you can do it a few different ways.  You can do it from the same place you just ran slmgr -upk OR from within Windows itself through the GUI.  To do it via command do the following.

slmgr – ipk AAAAA-BBBBB-CCCCC-DDDDD-EEEEE – Replacing the letters with your product key.


slui.exe – Will open the GUI for you to type the product key there.

That should cover changing or removing your Windows product key.  I hope it helps!