Farming for Glimmer, Marks, Strange Coins, and Motes of Light in Destiny

As I have been playing Destiny I sometimes wonder where I can get certain items or where is the best place to get them.  I have decided to put together a farming post for Destiny.  This includes farming for Glimmer, marks and certain items in the game.  I play it on the PS4, as far as I know there should be no difference between the PS4 version and the Xbox One version so I hope that helps everyone!

Farming for Glimmer

Farming for Glimmer is fairly easy since all you really need to do in order to get Glimmer is kill enemies in Destiny.   But there are other methods of also gaining extra Glimmer

  1. If you’re going the farming route by killing mass enemies I suggest using items that boost your Glimmer rewards when killing certain enemies.  The following will be the corresponding items to use depending on the enemy type you are fighting.
    • Fallen – Ether Seeds
    • Hive – Black Wax Idol
    • Vex – Blue Polyphage
    • Cabal – Resupply Codes
  2. Cryptarch – Certain missions will give you special items you can turn into the Crpytarch for extra Glimmer.
  3. Dismantling all your spare gear that you will not be using is a great source of getting extra Glimmer.

Farming for Vanguard Marks

In order to gain Vanguard Marks you need to be level 18 to get Vanguard Marks and there is a max of 100 Vanguard Marks you can earn per week.

  1. Take part of public events to gain Vanguard Marks
  2. Completing strike missions

Farming for Crucible Marks

Like Vanguard Marks, Crucible Marks have the same requirements and restrictions.  You need to be level 18 to earn Crucible Marks and there is a max of 100 you can gain per week.

The main way of making Crucible Marks in Destiny is through PvP.

Farming for Strange Coins

You can also farm for Strange Coins in Destiny.  Below are some of the ways you can get them…

  1. You can get Strange Coins from PvP rewards
  2. Weekly heroic strike missions
  3. Dismantling legendary and exotic gear
  4. Decrypting engrams

Farming for Motes of Light

You gain Motes of Light once your guardian reaches level 20.  You also gain experience towards Motes of Light after level 20.  You also get them from Crucible matches, Vanguard strikes and from decrypting engrams.


Well I hope this helps some folks out!  I will see if I make a more detailed post later on for each item that can be farmed, for now this is all!