Loadout, coming to PS4

Loadout, is coming to the PS4 on December 16, 2014!  It’s a shooter game with loads of customizable features for your weapons.  It is kind of like Team Fortress 2… only crazier, insanely violent in a Quentin Tarantino over the top blood spewing everywhere type of feel.  I’m looking forward to this game and checking it out on the PS4.  It looks like loads of fun.

Cool thing, if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber you will get a SuperFan Bonus Pack that includes a few special skins for Axl, T-Bone and Helga.

I have not played Loadout for the PC but if you are interested in getting a head start you can download it from Steam today.

Here is a video of what you can expect in Loadout…

You can head over to the Loadout official site here.