Skyforge closed beta signups available

I just found out about this game Skyforge and I wanted to share it.  It looks kind of interesting and there are closed beta sign ups available for anyone that is interested.  It doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to get in but you can try!  The game is being developed by Allods Team & My.comm and it will be a Free-to-Play (in other words in-game purchases) Sci-Fi Fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

If you are interested in signing up for the closed beta head on over to the Skyforge Official Site and click SIGN UP FOR BETA on the right side of the page.

A little back story of Skyforge

Are you dreaming of mastering the World’s fate? Millions of common people are calling you for help, directing their gaze at high heavens. Perform your deeds for the sake of the citizens of Aelion, and their faith will invigorate and support you. Unite a league of your loyal followers and become a keeper of the world of Skyforge, a true legend of Aelion!

Inspired by best console action games, we’ve created the ambiance of endlessly high drive. The combat design is accumulated from the top features of the best games in various genres. Mouse look control with optional direct targeting enables players to deal breathtaking combo strikes and thus manifest their true excellence.

Skyforge features a huge variety in game classes that will impress even the most sophisticated gamers. The problem of finding friends to play with is now a thing of the past! You may easily change your class with just one click! Try different roles, play any class you like with a single character.

A vortex of events and emotions will grasp you from the very first moments of the Skyforge. There’s always space for a feat in your life. One quick glance at the planet will fully apprise you of the current situation allowing you to select a mission to your liking and immediately set off to protect your people, fight the enemies or other players, or even mighty gods of other worlds!

We are going to reveal even more about the Universe of Skyforge!

I am intrigued to find out how the actual game play works.  There are a couple of videos of it on the developers site but nothing too concrete, I get the feeling this game still has a while to go.  The game play should be inspired from action-combat console games, which should allow you to make combos and dodge attacks in that fashion.  It looks like they have put a lot of work into that aspect of the game including the targeting system Skyforge uses.  Now, here is the feature that interests me the most in seeing how it works… in Skyforge you will be able to switch classes at will.  That means you can develop all the classes simultaneously and play with a different class depending on the situation at hand.

Skyforge, as of now looks to have only 3 classes.  One of which they just announced today the Berserker! Below I have put the 3 videos from their site showing each class and a link to the page for each of those classes.



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