Ambush! – Tower Offense release on Google Play

I just downloaded Ambush! – Tower Defense that released today on the Google Play store.  It’s pretty cool, it combines tower defense and offense into one game.

Ambush, has pretty good graphics for the genre of game it is.  It’s nothing out of this world but it’s good enough.  As for game play, it does a very good job in teaching you how to play the game unlike some other games that kind of just throw you into it and you need to figure out for yourself.  I have been playing the game today and I find it to be pretty fun.  I suggest others give it a try while it is still in beta.

It seems that in December the game while still be available but will include in-app purchases.

Here is a quick snippet from the developers…

Ever wondered what it’s like to be invading other’s defenses in a Tower Defense game? Join Ambush and crush other players’ defenses in Tower Offense mode! Don’t forget to keep the old good Defense as well to succeed!

For many years Warlords of a mighty clan protected their land, building bases to defend territories and crushing enemies beyond count. But the Wise Man said: the time for Great Invasions has come! Build a Citadel, ambush the neighboring tribes! Send forth your armies and crush their defenses!

Challenge other players in a unique mixture of well-known and beloved Tower Defense and a BRAND NEW Tower Offense game modes! Defend your realm and conquer others!

If this seems like an interesting game to you download it here from the Google Play Store.