Goblins vs Gnomes, cards revealed so far

Looking forward to Goblins vs Gnomes?  Yep, so am I!  If you’re not sure what this is then it is the first expansion of Hearthstone released by Blizzard.  The set will include over 120 new cards and you will have the ability to purchase Goblins vs Gnomes booster packs or standard boosters from the store.  You will not be able to choose in arena packs you win though, those will all be Goblins vs Gnomes it seems.

Any who… here are the cards revealed by Blizzard so far for Goblins vs Gnomes.

During BlizzCon 2014 they revealed the cards below…

Since then they have revealed a couple more cards, these are the most recent cards since BlizzCon.  The newest card being Shieldmaiden.

To check out the official site for Goblins vs Gnomes head on here.  You can also vote for which card will be revealed next here.