Blizzard’s Overwatch hero gameplay videos


If you not had a chance to see Blizzard’s latest game, Overwatch you should really check it out.  They have released gameplay videos for each hero and I find some of them to be pretty cool.  As I have said in an earlier post about Overwatch, it reminds me a lot of TF2… which isn’t exactly a bad thing!  I am just going based on what I have seen in the couple of videos Blizzard has released on it.

Below you will find a video of each hero of Overwatch.


Tracer, seems more of a scout class.  Quick rates of fire from her pistols and able to jump in and out of combat quickly using her Recall ability.  I wonder if Blizzard adds some sort of capture the flag to Overwatch if the ability would become even more useful.


I really like the concept of the Reaper hero, I think that he makes for a fantastic ambush/close combat fighter.  I am looking forward to trying this class out.


Winston, doesn’t really do a whole lot for me.  The shield thing is cool but I normally dislike playing classes that do melee.  He might turn out to be really neat but based on the video… not digging it very much right now.


All I can say is, LOL.  Bastion, looks REALLY fun, I can see this class being crucial in siege configuration.  The Remote Mine also looks like loads of fun.


Symmetra, looks kind of OP.  Looks like she is able to shoot through defense shields and even shield friendlies.  Looks almost like a cross between a Medic and Engineer.


This is the true engineer class.  Doesn’t seem like anything special going on, Torbjörn… will need to wait and see how this hero plays out.


I love the way the Widowmaker hero plays.  It seems like a really versatile class.  Looks like a class that can really dish some pain to the opponent… usually that means she herself will be weak.  Like the Reaper hero I am looking forward to this hero.


Hanzo, is easily the coolest hero I have seen in Overwatch.  It seems like he will be able to fire his ultimate through walls… I wonder if that will be over powered.  I might actually like Hanzo more than Widowmaker, I will need to play them both before I make the final call between these two.


Kind of interesting for a melee hero.  The shield ability is nice and I’m sure will make pushing forward in some maps a lot easier.


Zenyatta, is kinda cool.  Kind of seems like a hybrid medic hero, doesn’t seem to do a lot of damage but probably has a lot of utility value.


Mercy, she is it when it comes to support/healing!  If you are the type of person that enjoys playing support classes you will probably have a blast with her.  Her ultimate ability seems amazing…


The last one on the list, Pharah is pure assault.  The hover jets ability should make getting into hard to reach places and sneaking up on your enemies easier.  Seems like all her damage abilities revolve around area of affect damage and looks pretty lethal.  I’m sure this will be a hero to watch out for in the game.