Summoners War: Farming for Runes

I sometimes forget where I get specific runes in Summoners War. I have put together a quick list of the different run types with their set bonus and their drop locations.

Rune Set Bonus Drop Locations
Energy +15% HP Garen Forest
Fatal +30% Attack Power Mt. Siz
Blade +12% Critical Rate Kabir Ruins
Rage +40% Critical Damage Mt. White Ragon
Swift +25% Attack Speed Telain Forest
Focus +20% Accuracy Hydeni Runis
Guardian +15% Defense Tamor Desert
Endure +20% Resistance Vrofagus Ruins
Violent +20% Chance of Extra Turn Faimon Volcano
Despair +25% Stun Giant’s Keep
Vampire +35% Bloodsucking Dragon’s Lair

I will be adding more rune info later on, for now at least you know where you can farm for the runes.