Summoners War: Farming for Essence

I have been playing Summoners War a bit lately on my phone and tablet so I wanted to make a quick post about farming for essence materials. If you are looking to awaken some of your monsters then the list below should help you out.  Each of the following halls can be found in Cairos Dungeon…

Essence of Magic
The Essence of Magic can be farmed in the Hall of Magic in the Cairos Dungeon. This hall has a chance to drop Essence of Fire, Water, and Wind as well as it being open all the time.

Essence of Fire
In the Hall of Fire you will be able to farm for Essence of Fire.  The Hall of Fire is only open on Tuesdays.

Essence of Water
Essence of Water can be found in the Hall of Water.  The Hall of Water is only open Wednesdays.

Essence of Wind
In the Hall of Wind you can farm for Essence of Wind.  The Hall of Wind is only open Thursdays.

Essence of Light
Looking for Essence of Light? These you can only farm from the Hall of Light and it’s only open on Sundays.

Essence of Darkness
Like Essence of Light, the Essence of Darkness can only be farmed from a specific place.  That place is the Hall of Darkness.  The Hall of Darkness is only open on Mondays.