Installing Exchange Management Console 2010 on Windows 8.1

The install process itself is not difficult but there are some pre-requirements that you will need to take care of before you get the process started.

Below are the steps for installing Exchange Management Console 2010 SP3.

Before you go any further install Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8.1 or RSAT for short.

Make sure that RSAT features are enabled

  1. Go into Control Panel
  2. Click Programs and Features
  3. On the left click Turn Windows features on or off
  4. Make sure there is a check mark on Remote Server Administration Tools

Installing Exchange Management Console 2010

NOTE: When you first launch the installer it might ask you to install .NET Framework 3.5.  Go ahead and do so if it does.1framework

Click on Step 4: Install Microsoft Exchange


Click Next on the Introduction page.


Accept the license agreement and click Next


On the Error Reporting window select if you would like to enable Exchange Error Reporting and click Next.  Default is No


In the Installation Type windows, click Custom Exchange Server Installation and click Next.


Place a check mark in the Management Tools box and click Next.


Make sure you get 3 green checks in the Readiness Checks window, click Install if you’re all good!


Once it is complete, you will get the screen below.  Click Finish and you’re good to go!